Agency Eligibility
If a Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter is employed by one of the following agencies or their equivalent he/she is eligible to compete in the Battle of the Badges Canada. An “Equivalent” agency is a duly-organized governmental sub-division such as municipal, provincial/state, or national. Retired members of eligible agencies are also eligible. All players will be required to provide identification in the form of an identification card or a letter of identification from their agency. If you do not have an agency issued ID card please bring another form of identification (badge, IAFF Card, etc.). Retired persons, where applicable, may use a letter from their retirement system as identification. Note: Players are required to sign in with their their credentials before each game.
  • Municipal, State and National Police Departments/Services
  • Municipal, County, State and National Fire Departments/Services (on call, volunteer, full-time)
  • County Sheriff's Departments
  • County Correctional Officers 
  • Municipal, City Jail Guards
  • National and County Marshal's Offices
  • District Attorney's Investigators
  • Airport and Harbor/Port Police and Fire Departments
  • Highway Patrols
  • National Border Patrols
  • National Bureaus of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • National/Federal Bureaus of Investigation
  • National Customs and Excise Services
  • National Department of Commerce: Special Agents
  • National Dept. of Treasury Criminal Investigators
  • National Immigration & Naturalization Services
  • National and State Parole Agents
  • National Postal Inspectors 
  • National Secret Service Agents
  • National and State Alcoholic Beverage Control Officers
  • National and State Criminal Investigators 
  • National and State Bureaus of Narcotics
  • National and State Corrections Officers
  • National and State Departments of Fish and Game 
  • National and State Departments of Forestry
  • Accredited University & College Police
  • County and State Probation Officers
  • Masters Division Eligibility (Age 40+)
    To be eligible for the Masters Division, a player must be from an eligible agency and older than 40. Entrants whose 40th birthday falls in the calendar year of the event are eligible.
    Retired Eligibility
    Determining eligibility for “retired” Law Enforcement Officers or Firefighters: Any person not otherwise qualified for competition by virtue of current employment status with an eligible agency may compete if he/she has retired as outlined below.  Any person terminated for less than honorable reasons shall not be eligible to compete, regardless of length of service or retirement status.
    Normal Retirement: The person has served an eligible agency for a time long enough to qualify for service retirement and has reached the age established by their retirement system for such retirement. 
    Length of Service Retirement: The person has completed no less than 20 years of good conduct service, and resigns from his/her service, with or without a retirement benefit.
    Deferred Retirement: The person resigns from his/her service following the completion of the number of years of good conduct service required (at least 10 years) to qualify the person for a retirement income upon arrival at a specific age. [NOTE: A termination without benefit of future recognition as a retired person does not qualify under this section.] 
    Lump Sum Retirement: The person resigns from his/her service after no less than 20 years of good conduct service and receives a lump sum retirement benefit. 
    Contract Retirement: The person, while serving under contract employment, has completed no less than 20 years of good conduct service and said service is not extended.  It is of no consequence if said service is discontinued for failure to meet certain performance criteria.  
    Failure to Extend: Failure to extend said service due to misconduct will disqualify such person from competition. 


    Tournament Format
    The tournament will be played in a Round Robin format followed by a single-elimination playoff.
  • 4 game guarantee for the Open Division
  • 3 game guarantee for the 40+ Division
  • 3 game guarantee for the Women's Division
  • Game Rules
    Game Time: 22 minute halves. The last 1 minute of the first half and the last 2 minutes of the second half will BE played in stop-time.
    Shot Clock: 24-seconds
    Back Court Violation: 8 seconds
    3 point line: 22'2'' (NCAA is 20 ft 6 inches)
  • 2 in the first half & 2 in the second half.
  • Do NOT carry over
  • Can be called by the Bench ONLY
  • In the case of overtime, each team will have 1 time out per overtime period.
  • Team Fouls: 2 free throws on the 8th team foul of the half and thereafter. In the case of overtime, bonus situation will carry over.
    Technical Foul: 1 Free throw and possession of the ball at centre.